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Country of Cyprus from an Ariel view with crystal clear waters

As Belinda Carlisle once soulfully proclaimed, ‘heaven is a place on earth’ and we can’t help but think a certain Mediterranean island was the source of her inspiration.

Cyprus is a paradise filled with sun-soaked beaches, clear blue sea and a climate that stays hot year round; it’s the perfect destination for those looking for a seaside escape filled with pure relaxation. So what’s stopping you? Renew your European Health Insurance Card and travel to Cyprus today.

Highlights In Cyprus

Markronissos Beach

As mentioned above, sun-drenched beaches are Cyprus’s speciality and Markronissos beach is no exception. Made up of several beaches connected by coastal pathways,

Combined Cuisine

Cyprus is the home of two diverse cultures, with both Greek and Turkish Cypriots occupying the southern and northern coasts of the island respectively, and as a result, the cuisine is incredibly diverse.

To start, you’ll likely be recommended the Greek dish of mezedes, which consists of several smaller appetizers, mostly made up of meat, fish and vegetables. Then the Turkish influence will follow with Karnıyarık, a main course of fried eggplants with minced meat, onion, parsley, garlic and a tomato filling. As for the desserts, Cypriots love eating pudding pies, such as galaktoboureko. They also offer a corn pudding malahapi covered in rose syrup, which may be more to your preference.


To sample some of the finest Cypriot wine, head to one of the many Krassohoriá (wine villages) inside the Limassol district. With many independent micro-wineries still running, you can visit most by booking prior and some even on a walk-in basis.  While on your visit to one of the many quaint villages, we recommend that you try the Commandaria, one of the oldest wines in the world, which has been in the Cypriot wine collection for over eight centuries.

Scuba Diving 

There are various scuba activities you can enjoy off the coast of Cyprus, including one of the Mediterranean’s premier wreck dives – the sunken ferry of Zenobia. With a maximum depth of 140ft, the ferry still has over 100 trucks chained to its decks and a wide variety of resident sea life now living in the nooks and crannies. There also shallower shipwrecks, reefs and caves nearby for less advanced divers.

Aiya Napa

A guide to Cyprus wouldn’t be complete without a segment on the island’s spectacular nightlife, specifically Ayia Napa, which is renowned all over the world as being one of the ultimate party destinations. The famous strip is busiest from late June to early August, with famous acts, DJ’s and special VIP guests travelling from across the world to party in Ayia Napa. The biggest club is Club Ice, so named due to its décor replicating that of an igloo, the main arena caters to over 1300 clubbers at full capacity.

Kala Kathoumena

Located in the heart of Nicosia’s old town, you will most likely hear the Kala Kathoumena long before you see it.

The café’s outdoor seating area is always full and offers a fine alternative to the usual franchise chain coffee shops found elsewhere in Cyprus. The owner also holds small indoor events in the evening once a month, usually to host a touring musician, which we urge you to attend as its one of the most atmospheric music venues in old Nicosia.

Millomeris Waterfalls

Stunning waterfall in the heart of Cyprus with clear and calm water

The Millomeris Waterfalls are hidden away by a forest ravine just outside the village of Pano Platres. As some of the tallest waterfalls in all of Cyprus, this particular. If you want to bathe in them you can, but the water can be known to be quite cold! With no charge for visiting the falls, it makes for the perfect affordable trip if you want to see some of nature’s greatest beauty.

Fairy Tale Museum 

Opened almost two years ago, the Fairy Tale museum was created to preserve and promote folk stories, legends, myths and traditions from across Cyprus and Greece. Complete with an array of interactive exhibits, rare books and artwork, you can create and perform your own stories in the dress up room.

Guests are also encouraged to try and find hidden doors inside the museum which lead to exhibitions showing some of the most famous fairy tales including Aladdin, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Cinderella.

Akamas Peninsula

Venture far off the beaten path to the western tip of Cyprus and you’ll find the Akamas Peninsula, the most uninhabited area of the island.

With no paved roads, the destination is perfect for adventurers and ideal for travellers who have hiking or mountain biking experience. Once you reach the edge you’ll be treated to a view bustling with wildlife, sea turtles, reptiles and native birds.


City of Paphos in Cyprus, with a dock full of boats

The coastal town of Paphos is the historical centre of Cyprus, hosts archaeological landmarks in abundance. Perfect for history buffs, Roman ruins such as the House of Dionysus and the House of Theseus appear on the island, as well as a 16th century Paphos Fort built by the Turkish, the Tombs of the Kings and a classic Greek amphitheatre.

Activities In Cyprus

Whether you are visiting the magnificent country with your family or your friends, you will be sure to find plenty of things to see and take part in during your visit. Discover the culture and beauty of the country, at the same time as having fun and trying something new!

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving amongst the exotic fish in Cyprus

As previously mentioned, there are many locations where you can experience the spectacular ocean off of the coast of Cyprus. The Cyprus Diving School is excellent, in particular, if you are new to scuba diving, and you want the best tuition. Feel safe and relaxed, while you dive underwater and become taken back by the beauty that the ocean beholds.


What better way to cool off than by getting involved in watersports. Whether you’re an adrenaline fanatic, or you like to take in the views at your own speed, there is a watersport that you will thoroughly enjoy!  From hiring jet skis or a fast ride on a banana boat for those with a love for speed, to pedal boats and canoes for those that want to take things a little slower on the water. If you want to experience a birds-eye view of the coast, then take to parasailing, under the watchful eye of the qualified instructors who will ensure that your experience is a positive one to remember.

Motorbike Tours

Take a tour of scenic, sunny Cyprus on two wheels and try something new! With terrain that is arguably the most diverse in Europe, start your engine and adventure on a motorbike from either Parekklisa from September to June or from Kakopetria in the hot summer months of July and August

Off-Road Adventures

Having four wheels on the ground may be more your style, so hire a self-drive off-road buggy for an hour and take a drive through the rugged Cypriot landscapes with the help from a local guide. This family-friendly experience will give you and the family memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Historic Day Tour

If you are a History lover, then you will thoroughly enjoy an authentic Cyprus Historic Day Tour from Paphos. During the tour, you will visit Yeroskipou, where local potters have continued their ancient craft. You’ll learn how traditional baskets are made in the village of Inia, discover the secret of the sarcophagus of Ayios Agapitikos and even visit Sophia’s traditional house, where you will learn how she bakes the popular village bread. In addition, you will receive a Cypriot breakfast made by Sophia, experience the breathtaking panoramic view at the Pittokopos viewing point, and even have the chance to try a variety of wines in a local winery located near Paphos. This tour is not only affordable but packed full with cultural and historical stories and techniques, which will develop and further your knowledge on this wonderful country.

Day Trip To Akamas

You will start your day trip at Paphos, where you will be taken to the Avakas gorge to enjoy the flora and fauna before you head to see the turtles nesting at Lara Beach. What’s more, you will then be taken to the Lara Turtle Conservation Project to see and learn about the wonderful turtles and, if you’re lucky, you may be able to experience firsthand the baby turtles hatching if you visit between late July and October. Furthermore, you can visit the Sea Caves towards the end of the day, so you can marvel the natural power of the waves that carved out the cavernous network.

Wine Tasting

A travel and country guide would not be complete without a recommended winery for a wine tasting. This tour and tasting are in Larnaca, where you will have the chance to learn about grape variety and food pairings for ten different samples of wine. You will get to enjoy the taste of a range of wines, from rich reds to sweet roses, in addition to trying some light snacks on offer. You’ll also be given time to spend wandering around the old, hidden gems of Larnaca. With the cellar being located so close to the well-known Church of Saint Lazarus, we suggest that you take any opportunity you get, to take a walk to the church to experience the authenticity and architecture it has to offer.

With all these wonderful sights guaranteed to take your breath away, and exciting activities to enjoy with family and friends, we urge you to visit this spectacular country, today. Grab your passport and EHIC and book your flights now, so you can discover Cyprus yourself and make some fantastic memories.

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