Where Is The Cheapest Holiday Destination In Europe?

Parliament building in Budapest Hungary

Europe is a continent filled with diverse destinations and exciting experiences to suit every interest but one thing it’s quickly becoming notorious for is extortionate prices. While some of the capital cities can have your bank looking a little on the empty side, there are still plenty of locations across the continent perfect for those seeking a holiday on a budget. With cheap accommodation costs and everyday spending coming in pretty low too, an affordable summer getaway can easily be made into a reality. So, before you grab your EHIC card and begin booking your flight to Europe, read our top picks for the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe!

The Czech Republic

A colourful place full of amazing architecture and an abundance history, The Czech Republic is the ideal place for those looking to go on a European adventure on a budget. With plentiful activities including taking a trip to the magical capital of Prague, or sampling some authentic food from local restaurants, soaking up a wealth of culture is simple when visiting here. With other activities available, including walking tours and photography trips, there is plenty to do whether travelling alone or with the family.

Budapest, Hungary

Whether you are looking to visit the mysterious Gellert Hill Cave or the Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum for an insight into antique healthcare in Budapest, there are plenty of weird and wonderful things for you to do when you are visiting this incredible capital. Not only is this city filled with unique architecture and stunning views, there are also plenty of restaurants to choose from for all the local food that you need to help you recharge from a busy day of exploring. With authentic Hungarian food served at the likes of Hungaikum Bistro and other surrounding restaurants at affordable prices, you can not go wrong when visiting Budapest.


Not only is Poland the perfect place for lovers of wartime history, it is also ideal for those that love outstanding views and a wealth of entertainment. Whether you decide to explore the country and learn more about its involvement within the world war, or you are looking to try some of the authentic food from the local area, there is plenty for you to do when visiting Poland. You could visit Auschwitz for an eerie, heart-wrenching insight into the life of the prisoners during the second world war, or stop by the Wieliczka Salt Mine for something truly unique. If history is not your thing, then why not visit the Szechenyi Thermal Bath to help you to relax and unwind and enjoy your time away? If you want to see something a bit more unusual during your trip away, then why not look at Memento Park? This unique location is home to over 40 statues, all of which offer amazing art for your viewing pleasure.

 Athens, Greece

Arguably one of the most historic cities in the world, this iconic location is also one of the cheapest to visit. To find a cheap hotel or hostel within Athens is relatively easy and with the Italian quality of service that you get for these prices, as well as the incredible enriching history that you’ll be gaining access to, you really are getting value for money. If you are travelling with family, this is the ideal destination to allow children’s minds to wander and soak in the wonder of the ancient ruins. Teach them about Greek history while you’re there, or even give them an insight before you go and take them to their favourite places, whether that’s the Acropolis of Athens or the Parthenon.

With all this in mind, it has never been easier to find an amazing summer holiday without breaking the bank. Through planning ahead and choosing the right destination, you can travel smart whether you are travelling alone or with family and friends and with the sheer number of incredible places Europe has to offer, you truly are spoiled for choice.