Can I still renew my EHIC if I lose my pin?

Trying to remember all those PINs (your Personal Identification Number) can be quite a pain, especially as we are advised to allocate separate, unrelated PINs to more or less everything these days and not to write them down anywhere, either! Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is no exception, and your PIN is usually required should you wish to renew it. Unlike most PINs, however, your existing EHIC shows your PIN next to your date of birth and it begins with ‘UK’…

Valid for five years

Your EHIC can be valid for up to five years – which is quite long enough to be easily misplaced. It is even more likely if you do not travel regularly during the period of time in which your EHIC is valid. Nevertheless, even if you have lost, misplaced or accidentally thrown away your card – along, of course with the accredited PIN printed on it – it is still possible to renew your EHIC card.

EHIC card renewal without a PIN

Assuming that none of your personal details have changed, you can renew your card very easily using the form on this website. In order to complete a European Health Insurance Card renewal application, the following details are required:

1) Full name and date of birth.
2) Your NHS or National Insurance Number.
3) Your full permanent address, including your country and post code.
4) A valid phone number (land-line or mobile).

On your application form you may also apply for a spouse or partner, for children or for dependants. Should you require an EHIC for a child under 16, a parent or guardian must apply, naming the child as a dependant.

However, in the event that you have changed your name or moved house, it is advisable to contact us so that we might assist you in completing your EHIC renewal.

Even if you have lost your EHIC and PIN, the renewal process couldn’t be easier. Following the simple steps on our application form, you just fill in your personal details, along with those of your spouse or partner and any children or dependants you may wish to include. We will then confirm your details before processing your EHIC renewal, ensuring a smooth, trouble- and stress-free operation.

Renew up to six months before expiry date

It is worth remembering that you can renew your EHIC from up to six months before your current card expires. It is important because your EHIC entitles you to access state-provided health care anywhere in European Economic Area countries, either for free, or at a greatly reduced cost. It will also cover ongoing medical treatment until you are able to return to the UK. The EHIC also applies to pre-existing medical conditions and routine pregnancy care.

It is important to note, however, that your EHIC is not a valid form of travel insurance, nor will it cover private medical treatment, loss, rescue, or a return flight to the UK. Furthermore, many insurance companies insist upon a valid EHIC before agreeing to insure you.

So, even if you have lost or misplaced your current EHIC (and PIN) you can easily renew it here.

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