Brussels on a budget

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Exploring Europe is an item on the bucket lists of many people, and it’s no wonder. With its ancient histories, stunning architectures and delicious cuisines, Europe is home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities. If you’re looking to explore Europe on a budget, then why not begin with Brussels? An often underrated city, the Belgium capital has more on offer than you might expect, and you don’t need to break the bank. Here are four tips to experiencing Brussels on a budget…

1. Free activities

Many people focus on Brussels’ ‘eurocrat reputation’ without realising that it is actually a city bursting with interesting museums and a fascinating history. Many museums offer free entry on certain days of the weeks or at certain times and you can also enjoy free walking tours with a local and knowledgeable guide. Some guides even specialise in various subjects from food to architecture so you can really focus on what you’re passionate about.

2. Street food

Many European cities offer street food, and Brussels is no exception. Try their famous cone of fries (frites!); simple but warm, filling and delicious. You’ll also find an abundance of other offerings including baguettes, pizza and even snails all at low prices. And who could forget that Belgium is well known for its quality chocolate? There are scrumptious treats to snap up at every turn, including mouthwatering Belgian waffles.

3. Take photos

Brussels is an extremely photogenic city, so grab your phone or your camera and get snapping! In taking photos, you’ll experience many areas of the city and make lasting memories. From street art to cathedrals, statues to leafy parks, there’s so much to be marvelled at and the beauty of it all makes for some seriously impressive photos.

4. Remember your EHIC

It’s important to set a budget, but when the unexpected happens you may find yourself out of pocket. One of the main causes of this is unforeseen illness or injury that causes you to seek medical care. With a European Health Insurance Card, you’ll receive free or discounted medical care in Europe. Apply or renew your EHIC today. Click here to see exactly what your EHIC covers.

Photo: Grand Place, Brussels by Dimitris Graffin licensed under Creative commons 2