Booking a break in Belgium?

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With a variety of coastal and inland destinations, there are plenty of cities, towns and villages to visit in Belgium. While Ostend and Zeebrugge are popular port towns, Wallonia in the south and Flanders in the north are also excellent places to visit if you’re in the country.

Filled with Renaissance architecture, Wallonia is home to the Pairi Daiza, a zoological and botanical complex, and 12th century Orval Abbey. As well as baroque cathedrals and medieval towns, Wallonia offers forests, mountains, rivers and caves, so you’ll be able to explore the local landscape as well.

If you’re heading to the north of the country, you’ll have access to the Belfry of Bruges on the market square, the Gravensteen 10th-century castle and even the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. Steeped in history and filled with eateries, cafes and local offerings, travellers are sure to fill their days with fun and delights.

Make the most of Brussels

If you’re thinking of taking a city break, it’s hard to think that Brussels can be beaten. Historic sites, such as the Grand Palace, Belgian Beer Tasting and even chocolate workshops are available in the City.

Although Brussels has numerous historical and cultural sites to explore, it’s also ideal as a modern getaway. Known for its nightlife, you’ll find bars, clubs and restaurants to cater to all tastes and, with a plethora of hotels in the city, you won’t struggle to find somewhere to stay.

Renewing your e111 card

Whether you’re travelling to Belgium for two days or two weeks, it’s important to complete your e111 card renewal before your trip. Having a European Health Insurance Card will ensure that you can access medical facilities if you need to. While no-one wants to fall ill while they’re away, it’s important to be prepared for all eventualities.

Fortunately, it’s easy to complete an EHIC card renewal. You can even renew your e111 card six months before it expires, so there’s no need to risk it running out. If you’re planning a break in Belgium or thinking of booking a holiday, why not renew your European Health Insurance Card now?

Photo: BE Landscape 11: Belgium Flag by francisco_osorio licensed under Creative commons 2