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Top tips for travelling when pregnant

pregnant travel

Whether you booked the trip of your dreams before you got the happy news or you just fancy a relaxing getaway before the realities of parenthood strike, being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a summer holiday. Here are some things to consider for your summer holiday with bump. Think of the destination If the…

4 things you definitely don’t need to pack for your girls’ holiday

drinks abroad

We’re all guilty of it: overpacking our suitcases for our girls’ holiday with items we couldn’t do without at home, but that we simply don’t need once we’re there. So why spend more on the extra luggage space? Whether you’re going to party in Ibiza for a week or chill on a beautiful Greek beach…

Top selfie spots in Barcelona

colourful town abroad

Holiday snaps make great memories, but the selfie really is the king of the family album at the moment. Keep your Instagram looking fresh, with our guide to the best selfie spots in Barcelona: Tibidabo For a selfie with an incredible view, you need to head to Tibidabo. It’s a bit of a climb but…

What to pack in your holiday first aid kit


Holidays are supposed to be a time for fun and relaxation, but when packing for a trip abroad, it’s always best to be prepared. When you’re in a foreign country, there’s always a risk of unexpected illness, allergic reactions or even accidents. If you’re travelling to Europe you should make sure that you always have…

The best 3 places to visit in Europe


Choosing the destination of your next holiday is no easy task. You have to take cost, weather and attractions into account so that you can have the best possible time. If you’re planning a holiday, Europe is brimming with stunning countries that are just asking to be explored. A holiday in Europe will be cheaper…

Top tips for travelling with less

travel essentials

Savvy travellers have known the benefits of packing light for years. By placing the majority of your belongings in your carry-on, you not only downsize the load you tow along during your trip, but you also eliminate the dreaded scramble at the baggage carousel, allowing you to hit the ground running at your destination. With…

Why we get ill on holiday and how to deal with it


A holiday is supposed to be a time for us to have a break from everyday life, put our feet up, take in the sights of another country and not have to worry about anything for a week or two. However, not everything always goes to plan and we can sometimes be struck with illness…

The best hiking trails in Europe


Perhaps the best way to really take in a country is on foot, travelling slowly through the landscape. We’ve chosen our top three long distance hikes in Europe for you to choose from. Just don’t forget to pack your EHIC. Tour du Mont Blanc Ask anybody who has done this trail and you’ll find you…

What impact will Brexit have on the European Health Insurance Card?


The short answer to the question posed in the title, which many British holidaymakers will be asking, is that, at present, no-one knows for sure. One thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that British citizens’ EHIC cover did not automatically disappear when the results of last week’s referendum were announced. It will…