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Top tips for travelling with less

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Savvy travellers have known the benefits of packing light for years. By placing the majority of your belongings in your carry-on, you not only downsize the load you tow along during your trip, but you also eliminate the dreaded scramble at the baggage carousel, allowing you to hit the ground running at your destination. With…

Why we get ill on holiday and how to deal with it


A holiday is supposed to be a time for us to have a break from everyday life, put our feet up, take in the sights of another country and not have to worry about anything for a week or two. However, not everything always goes to plan and we can sometimes be struck with illness…

The best hiking trails in Europe


Perhaps the best way to really take in a country is on foot, travelling slowly through the landscape. We’ve chosen our top three long distance hikes in Europe for you to choose from. Just don’t forget to pack your EHIC. Tour du Mont Blanc Ask anybody who has done this trail and you’ll find you…

What impact will Brexit have on the European Health Insurance Card?


The short answer to the question posed in the title, which many British holidaymakers will be asking, is that, at present, no-one knows for sure. One thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that British citizens’ EHIC cover did not automatically disappear when the results of last week’s referendum were announced. It will…

Where to go in Eastern Europe


Before the effects of Brexit have a chance to kick in, take a chance to visit somewhere you wouldn’t normally in Europe. Forget France, abandon the Algarve, and take a trip to Poland, the Czech Republic or even Bulgaria. With your EHIC you can go where you want! Krakow, Poland While it’s not the capital of…

Like mountain biking? Try Verbier’s new bike park


When most holidaymakers think about Verbier, they associate it with ski holidays of the rich and famous. But now there is every reason to pack your bags, grab your passport and health card, and head to the alpine Swiss village during the summer months, because Verbier has turned itself into one of the planet’s top…

The best places to go travelling in Germany


Germany offers a vast array of eclectic and exciting holiday destinations that can either be combined or enjoyed on separate trips. Combining the urban cool of Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg with the historic beauty of Munich and Bavaria makes for a journey that covers all bases and leaves everybody happy. The excellent train links between…

Things you shouldn’t forget if you are holidaying in Spain this year


Whether you are in your early 20s and are looking for a country where you can party this summer or if you are middle aged and are looking for a picturesque place to explore, Spain is a country that caters for just about everyone. Spain is ideal for anyone who is looking for an adrenaline-filled…

Tour France’s Loire Valley this summer


The beach resorts of France have been popular with tourists for a long time, but why not consider a trip to the heart of the country this summer? The Loire Valley is an area that is teeming with history and blessed with natural beauty. There is something for everyone in this glorious region and it’s…