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Who doesn’t love a road trip?


If you’ve got a valid UK driving licence (and of course, a valid EHIC), you can hit the roads and take yourself off into Europe for a road trip adventure to rival any you might encounter on Route 66. Even better – you can take your own car, plan your own itinerary, and set your…

2 unusual ideas for a European break


Europe is littered with incredible places to visit on your next trip overseas. Researching the must-visit places can be time consuming though, especially when you’re also tasked with organising your travel documents, your holiday insurance, the cat sitter and your European health card, the little card giving you state-funded healthcare in Europe. We’ve made it…

Great gadgets for your holiday


Gadgets are the Marmite of the world – you either love them or hate them. No matter which camp you fall in to, you can’t deny that a few gadgets can make your holiday a little bit easier. Of course, the ultimate holiday accessory is the EHIC card, so once you’ve got that, why not…

4 European historical hubs you have to visit


If you are packing your bags, renewing your passport, getting your EU health card and preparing to jet off for a spring break, you might be in search of some culture and history. While Europe has its capitals for food, nightlife and sun, there are also a few cities which are sure to be hits…

Where will you pay for your care?


Your EHIC is a great way to ensure that if you need emergency healthcare when you’re out of the UK, you don’t need to worry about paying huge bills for your treatment. A common misconception of the EHIC is that it entitles you to entirely free healthcare, but that’s not always the case. Legally, the…

Top 3 holiday health essentials


Shopping for your summer holiday can be a really exciting part of your trip, getting you in the mood for an adventure before you even reach the airport. However, there are a few health essentials you need to think about before you jet off. We’ve put together a list of our top three things to…

How much does treatment in Europe cost?


Your EHIC is worth its weight in gold, and those of you who’ve already got one undoubtedly know about the benefits that this little plastic card can bring you when you’re travelling in Europe. In fact, since you’re reading this, you’ve probably already done the smart thing and got your EHIC application in here today….

10 essentials for a holiday first aid kit


If you’re planning a holiday in Europe this summer, it’s a great idea to pack your own first aid kit with some basic essentials. That way, you’ll be equipped to deal with most minor situations wherever you are and without having to look for a local pharmacy. You can buy first aid kits off the…

2016’s top European holiday destinations


When it comes to booking your summer holiday in Europe, it can be tempting to go down the tried and tested route and stay somewhere you’ve been before. But why not shake it up a little and check out one of our top European holiday destinations for 2016? You might find your new favourite holiday!…

Common EHIC myths debunked


The EHIC is a magical thing – wave it at a doctor and get free state medical treatment throughout Europe. No complicated forms, no big bills, just a small piece of plastic. It’s a bit of a miracle worker. However, in a recent survey by Go Compare, it turns out that a lot of people…