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Best Football Teams In Europe

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Football is a sport that is recognised globally. From the most rural parts of the world to East Asia, it’s a sport that brings people together and is one of the most popular sport we know of today. If you’re a football fan yourself, then you will already be aware of the ongoing debate regarding…

City Hopping In Europe: The Best Cities To Choose From

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When booking a holiday, it is important to ensure that you have planned everything, whether it is flights and accommodation or making sure your European Health Insurance Card is up to date. Whether you are looking for the royal treatment in the heart of London or breathtaking art and culture in the scorching sun in…

How Travelling Can Help You Grow As A Person

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Travelling can be one of the most life-changing experiences in and seeing numerous different cultures and walks of life can really put things into perspective. Day to day complaints can be made to seem selfish and make you feel more gratitude towards such simple things, all as a result of your travels. The journey starts…

5 Reasons You Should Visit Malta This Year

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Malta is an archipelago located south of Sicily in the central Mediterranean. Despite being a small, densely populated island, Malta has a huge number of talking points and as a country rich in history, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should visit Malta this year. From its impeccable views to swimming in…

A Day In The Life Of A Nomad

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To some, the life of a nomad can seem like a very lonely one. With a lack of attachment to any one location or a single place to call home, those that don’t understand the lifestyle may not truly understand that pull that some have to this unique way of life. However, for someone who…

How To Keep Your Children Happy In-Flight

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Flying may become a daunting task for parents out there especially with younger children. There are many ways to keep them content and unsurprisingly, one of the easiest ways to do this while flying is to keep them entertained. A bored child can become a restless child, which can result in a lot of disruption…

Best Destinations For Female Travellers

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  As a female traveller, finding a destination that meets all of your travelling requirements can be difficult. Will it be a perfect mix of city and nature? Is it a safe place to explore on your own? Will there be friendly but trustworthy locals to guide you should you lose your way? Travelling alone…

Our Guide To Road Tripping Across Europe

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  Booking flights and luxury accommodation is standard for many people looking to go abroad, however the thrill-seekers amongst us will be much more comfortable embarking on a road trip around their favourite country. To go that one step further though, why not road trip across the entirety of Europe? It might seem like a…

Keeping yourself and your stuff safe on a European holiday

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Holidays in Europe are a fantastic and cost-effective way to enjoy more sun, fun and travel, but you need to take steps to keep yourself safe when you are travelling abroad. Minor problems are more likely to occur when you are away from home and the consequences can be far greater too. Here we explore…

Visiting Berlin with children; things to do

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Berlin is a remarkable city, that has built up from a troubled past into a city of acceptance and art. Perhaps it has always been on your bucket list, but you aren’t sure whether the children will enjoy it? Don’t worry! The German capital offers up so much to do for all ages, and you…