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The Most Efficient Way To Convert Your Money To Euros

Money converted into colourful Euros

With a number of different ways to convert currency, it can be difficult to know where to begin. After all, you want to get the most for your money. However, it no longer has to be like that. Today, there are several ways you can convert your money in order to prepare for your holiday…

Top 5 European Capital Cities

Londons Westminster Bridge with big Ben!

With multiple locations that stand out within the heart of Europe, it can be difficult to pick which one you want to go to. Each of the capital cities offers something that makes them completely unique to one another offering a different atmosphere. So before you grab you EHIC card and hope on the next…

Poland Country Guide – European Health Insurance Card

For a truly unique European adventure filled with the perfect blend of quintessential culture and modern development, we recommend that you visit Poland. Well-known for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage, this historical treasure has plenty for you to see and do regardless of where in the country you decide to jet off to. We…

Top 5 Hotels In Spain

Hotel complex in beautiful sunshine

When looking for a hotel in Spain, it can be difficult to know where to look first. With multiple hotels all enticing you in with “the very best price”, it can be hard to truly find the right price that works for your budget. So, before you grab your EHIC card, passport and suitcase and…

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Travel To Europe

Iconic french landmark in the middle of paris

When travelling to Europe, it is important to consider how the time of year can have an effect on the price that you pay and the number of locations that you can visit. Also, a number of elements to organise such as EHIC card renewals and passports, this can be quite overwhelming. Here, we are…

Best Places To Eat In The South Of France

Stunning restaurant in the south of France offering an outside seating area

Filled with enriching culture and mouth-watering foods to enjoy, travelling to the South of France is a sun-filled getaway worthy of writing home about. However, between organising travel, accommodation, EHIC cards and passports, organising your holiday can become very overwhelming and it can be simple to forget to enjoy the finer things in French life….

What To See And Do In Germany

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin shining in the morning sun

When looking to book a holiday, there are multiple things that need to be organised. EHIC card renewals, passports and flights should all be at the top of your list, but what about the location? With plenty to see and do in Germany, regardless of who you are travelling with, you can rest assured that…

Where Is The Cheapest Holiday Destination In Europe?

Parliament building in Budapest Hungary

Europe is a continent filled with diverse destinations and exciting experiences to suit every interest but one thing it’s quickly becoming notorious for is extortionate prices. While some of the capital cities can have your bank looking a little on the empty side, there are still plenty of locations across the continent perfect for those…

Top Tips for Surviving The Summer Heat

Deck chairs on a sandy beach with blazing sunshine and sea

When it comes to travelling during summer, we truly wouldn’t blame you for jetting off to somewhere warm, sunny and sandy. However, while heading out to enjoy summer’s warmest days, it can be challenging to keep yourself cool enough to stay comfortable when those degrees creep a little too high for we British to cope…

Top Tips To Picking The Perfect Hotel

Luxury Hotel Room with king sized bed

Finding the perfect hotel doesn’t always have to cost you a small fortune. When it comes to picking the ‘perfect’ hotel, it all depends on what you are looking for in your chosen accommodation. When organising important documents such as EHIC card renewals, flights, accommodation and more, it is important to ensure you have plenty…