Bin the myths, bag a bargain: Europe on a coach

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If the idea of a coach trip to your favoured European destination sounds uncomfortable and unappealing, you might want to update your understanding of this mode of travel. Particularly if you suffer from anxiety about airports and flying! Or you fancy a holiday in Europe that’s as easy and stress free as possible.

Better still, the deals on offer could have you sitting pretty on a beach on a smaller budget. The tours that include accommodation can prove highly cost effective for low cost holidays.

Modern coaches excel in comfort

These days coach companies offer high-tech, quality vehicles to provide luxury travel. We are talking vehicles with tablet-friendly charging points and free wi-fi.

Think comfortable seats, legroom, friendly staff and refreshments on board. And of course, big wide windows to look out of, so you can enjoy plenty of distractions and scenery to pass the time.

Stress free sightseeing sewn up

If you fancy a totally relaxed break that doesn’t tax your brain (or your budget) then coaches don’t have to be just a way of getting from A to B. There are many variations and offerings to choose from, which help you to see the sights and cover lots of ground with no hassle or pre-planning.

Some companies specialise in themed breaks too – such as golf, shopping, the arts, historic landmarks or celebrity locations. The list is wide and caters for a lot of different hobbies and interests.

Solo traveller? No problem if you choose a coach tour operator who encourages and supports anyone holidaying alone.

Bargain European holidays

Millions of British people are choosing coach travel and tours in Europe. Not least as the prices can be “wheely” attractive. For example, the coach tour operators negotiate with hotels they know provide an excellent standard of accommodation and offer “add-ons” at prices not available to individuals.

Do you need your passport?

You may associate documentation with airports. However, keep in mind that for coach travel you still need your passport and an up to date European Health Insurance Card.

If you leave your application for an EHIC card to the last minute or need some help making the process stress free, click here for a simple form to start you off.

This can make EHIC renewal as smooth and relaxing as being chauffeured around Europe on a luxury coach journey!