Best Places To Eat In The South Of France

Stunning restaurant in the south of France offering an outside seating area

Filled with enriching culture and mouth-watering foods to enjoy, travelling to the South of France is a sun-filled getaway worthy of writing home about. However, between organising travel, accommodation, EHIC cards and passports, organising your holiday can become very overwhelming and it can be simple to forget to enjoy the finer things in French life. As home to some of the best regions for food in the country, we want to help you visit all of the best restaurants during the duration of your stay, and so we are here to help! Here, we are going to look for the best places to eat in the south of France to give you a great place to start.

L’Oustalet, Gigondas

This small yet luxurious restaurant offers you a taste of the Mediterranean with their unique and inspired menu. Which each ingredient homegrown, you can count on the fact that you will find fresh and amazing food every time you eat here, making for the perfect end to a busy day of exploring. This vast menu offers something for everyone and shows off the very best of French cooking. In addition to a lengthy menu, you will also be greeted by friendly staff to help make your experience an enjoyable one throughout the course of your meal.

Colombe d’Or Restaurant, St Paul Vence

This restaurant has enough room to hold around 200 people across their main dining hall, private area and terrace and offers every guest the traditional taste of France at a luxury price. Expanding your taste buds and enjoying amazing food is made simple here, and surrounding by quaint quintessentially French architecture, there’s no better taste of southern France to experience the luxury of French cuisine. With both outside and inside eating areas as well as décor that shows off the height of French decadence, this is the ideal place to visit during your trip.

Le Chantecler, Nice

This exclusive luxury restaurant in Nice is the height of traditional French cuisine. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday for a dinner service and a dress code is required but it’s certainly worth getting dressed up for. This amazing menu revisits old classics and new additions to French cuisine and combines an overall amazing dining experience with tantalising flavours. However this top class dining experience does come with a top class price tag, but for a taste of luxury, you will definitely be paying for a meal to remember!

Restaurant Les Terraillers, Biot

This Michelin star restaurant is one of the most popular in the south of France. With a high volume of people booking in for seats every day, can sometimes be difficult to find a seat! However, if you do eventually get a booking, you will be greeted by a vast menu of amazing foods that will expand your pallet and open it up to new flavours. Head Chef Michael Fulci offers amazing, traditional French food with a twist to really make it his own.

With all this in mind, there are multiple restaurants that you can go to within the south of France to find outstanding food and drink for all. With the combination of the very best of fine wine and fine dining, you can be sure that you are going to have the best holiday possible.