Best Football Teams In Europe

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Football is a sport that is recognised globally. From the most rural parts of the world to East Asia, it’s a sport that brings people together and is one of the most popular sport we know of today. If you’re a football fan yourself, then you will already be aware of the ongoing debate regarding which football team is best – and you most likely have a team in mind. Regardless of your chosen ‘best’ football team, we’re taking a closer look at the best football teams in Europe in our eyes – so don’t give us the red card! To see the best in action, pack your suitcase, book your flight and be sure to renew your EHIC before you travel!


For many, England is home to football – and rightly so. After all, the premier league is where the greats come together and battle for the premier league title each year. Despite being a highly popular event in England itself, the premier league attracts hundreds of thousands of passionate football fans from across the globe to support their team and enjoy the thrill of the game. It’s on!

Manchester City

Within the city of Manchester, there are two world-class teams; Manchester United and Manchester City. The Manchester City team have proved themselves worthy of being the best football team in England winning the Premier League trophy for the 17/18 season. Led to victory by manager Pep Guardiola, the blues have outplayed everyone this season, finishing on a staggering 100 points with a record-breaking 106 goals! They have many star players from their outstanding striker Sergio Aguero to club captain Vincent Company, Manchester City are without a doubt one of the worlds finest.


Liverpool have earned themselves a place as one of England’s best by reaching the final of the champions league against Real Madrid the manager Klopp, bringing something different to the team making them stronger than ever before. We can’t forget about Mohammed Salah, Liverpool’s star player scoring 41 goals in all competitions in the 2017/18 season making him a key member of the team and their success!

Paris Saint Germain

Taking League 1 by storm, the giants from the French capital have some of the highest calibre players that currently walk this earth. World record transfer fee, Neymar, plays for this outstanding team alongside the highly anticipated Kylian Mbappe. With a tremendous 93 points, the French side has dominated their opponent’s thanks to their players who are a class amongst the rest when out on the field making them a force to be reconned with.


Spain is home to some of the greatest teams in the world who have continued to lead the way when it comes to playing football alongside the greatest players. While it’s every boy’s dream to make it to the La Liga, the competition is fiercely divided, and only the greats make it to these three teams.

Real Madrid

The champions of Europe mounting an extremely successful European campaign, Real Madrid, have proven once again why they are considered the best. Although their domestic campaign didn’t win them silverware this year, they can be happy with what has been achieved since the start of the season. Real Madrid is home to the greats such as Christiano Ronaldo who is undoubtedly one of the world’s best football players (we’re not biased, though). The Los Blancos continue to be the club every player wishes to reach but their current squad doesn’t leave much room for improvement. With famous faces playing for this team both past and present such as David Beckham and Gareth Bale, this team is one that is known worldwide as one of the best no matter the competition.


The winners of la Liga 2017/18 just proved why Barcelona is considered the greatest the world has ever seen. Their style of football is one that others wish to reach and the players they have at their disposal amplify that. Lionel Messi, the Argentine who is outstanding on the field and one of the best players of all time, continues to pull Barcelona to title victories.

Athletico Madrid

Real Madrid’s fierce rivals from the same city have proved themselves by winning the Europa League this season, beating Arsenal in the Semis and smashing Marseille 3-0 to grab the title. Athletico’s star man Antione Greizemann is among the most outstanding field of players that played for them alongside international and club captain Diego Godin. Now that European success was achieved, they need to focus on domestic success and bring home the title for there home nation.

Bayern Munich

The German giants have once again dominated their league campaign with a successive title win for 6 years in a row. They have an unfair advantage over their opponents in the league as the players they have are at another level. With the world best goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and one of the world’s best strikers Robert Lewandowski they are always the most likely to take the title, now they must take the next step and conquer the rest of Europe.

Europe is home to the greats, and so if you are looking for the best standard of football, then this is the place to be! Happy travels!