Beautiful Belgrade

serbian sunset

The buzzing metropolis city of Belgrade is quickly becoming one of the most up-and-coming travel destinations after having successfully risen out of the shadow of war. If you’re looking to get truly under the skin of this vibrant Balkan destination, you are guaranteed to be met with everything from great style, culture, cuisine and nightlife- what’s not to love? And, while Serbia is not a part of Europe at the moment, it is certainly pushing negotiations to enable it to be part of the European Union family and could see it join very soon, which is certainly an exciting prospect!

Belgrade is almost fit to burst with lively urban attractions and with it being so affordable to visit, it should certainly become a top contender on your travel wish list this year. The passing of time has only made this city stronger and more excited to welcome tourists to its previously hidden way of life and heritage. Get ready to fall in love with Belgrade….

The Avala TV Tower

While this tower was sadly destroyed by NATO in the bombing of Serbia in 1999, it has seen a massive revamp and rebuild. Tourists are now able to get to the very top of the tower and enjoy the spectacular view of Belgrade from the restaurant and bar situated at the top!

Shopping Malls

Delta City and Ušće are two huge shopping malls that have been built to symbolise Belgrade’s removal of Communist rule in earlier years. Serbia has proudly adopted Western capitalism values and these malls are an important indicator of how the country has progressed. Within the malls you will find all the latest shops, multi-screen cinemas, restaurants and play areas for children.

Exit Music Festival

The Exit Music Festival is held annually in Novi Sad, about an hour’s journey from Belgrade centre. It is known as being the biggest festival in the Balkans and is one of the biggest in Europe, respectively. Exit has now been running for over 15 years and makes for a refreshing alternative to some of the more mainstream festivals out there.

The House Of Flowers

The minimalist building of Kuća Cveća (House of Flowers) is the site at which the former Communist leader of Yugoslavia is buried. He was considered to be a very charismatic leader and is still very fodly talked about by the people of Serbia. The building’s name of Kuća Cveća came about as a result of the leader’s love of roaming among the flowers that grow in the glass-protected winter garden.

St. Petka Church

This tiny church is one of the smallest and most awe-inspiring in the city as can be found within the Kalemegdan Fortress. Its internal walls are covered in mosaics created by the artist Duro Radulovic between the years of 1980 and 1883.

If you’re looking to travel to Serbia or anywhere else in Europe, be sure to make an EHIC card an essential part of your packing as it will ensure you stay protected in terms of the cost of healthcare treatment, should you require any over the duration of your trip.