Astounding Amsterdam Cuisine

cheese blocks

One of the greatest delights of being on holiday is sampling the local delicacies and Amsterdam is no exception. It’s just a case of being brave, trying something different and not just sticking to the safe dishes that you could have at home anyway. The chances are you could discover your new favourite dish. Remember to apply for your European Health Insurance Card before your travel to Amsterdam so you will be entitled to free or reduced cost healthcare if you should fall ill while you’re abroad. Once you’ve applied you can relax and dream of some of these delicious dishes that are waiting for you in Amsterdam.


The ultimate winter warmer, and a traditional comfort food in Holland, stamppot translates as ‘mash pot’ and is a mixture of potatoes mashed with other vegetables including sauerkraut, carrot, onion and kale. Similar to a bubble & squeak a stamppot is usually served with a sausage.


The tastier equivalent of the drunken kebab on your way home from a night out. These deep fried crispy meatballs are available from practically every bar and pub in the area and traditionally served with a delicious mustard for dipping. Bitterballen is the ideal accompaniment when you’re sampling the premium Dutch lagers.


Traditionally served to ice skaters on the frozen canal by the local street vendors, snert is a thick stew made from split peas, pork, celery, onions and leeks. Think of it like a pea soup and try not to let the questionable name put you off.


Just like many of their European cousins, the Dutch love their cheese making and have famously brought Gouda, Geitenkaas and Maasdammer to the world. Unless you’re lactose intolerant you really should check out many of the cheesy attractions such as the Cheese Museum, the Henri Willig Cheese and More shops and, of course the Reypenaer Tasting Room.


Or ‘breakfast cake’ when translate. Of course you can have cake for breakfast, and Ontbijtkoek is a delectable ginger cake that comes as a loaf and is quite stodgy so one slice will keep you going until lunchtime. Perfect with a bit of butter or chocolate spread  just because you can.


You will find these in the local bakeries or from the street markets all over the city. Stroopwafel is the delicious treat of the nation and is a layer of heavenly syrup sandwiched between two thin waffles, and best served hot and gooey. It might be a little bit naughty, but you’re on holiday so treat yourself.