Tops Tips For Flying With Children

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Flying with children is something that some parents dread, however it doesn’t have to be a nightmare situation if you plan ahead of time to combat all the needs that your little ones may have. So when all the important documents are organised such as EHIC cards and passports you can then begin preparation for the flight. Here we are going to give you our top tips for flying with children that will allow you to relax during your time away!


When flying, whether you’re embarking on a long haul flight or a shorter flight it is important to keep your children entertained. This will make the flight much easier for not only you and them but also others around you. This source of entertainment can be an iPad or a laptop for children that are slightly older so that they can watch films and play games. Alternatively, you can opt for a cuddly toy for those children that are younger as this will not only help to comfort them throughout the flight but also keep them entertained.

As soon as your children get bored, they can begin pestering other passengers – and nobody wants a child kicking the back of their chair for the entire flight. Keeping your children entertained will ensure that they are well-behaved and that you get some peace, too!

Bring Snacks And Drink

When travelling as an adult snacks and drinks are important to get rid of those hunger pangs, but when travelling with children, these are essential. Make sure that you have a large variety of snacks with you, or alternatively are willing to purchase some from the plane (although the variety is much more limited). This will help to ensure that you are prepared in the event that your child becomes irritable because they’ve become hungry and ensure that they are comfortable throughout the duration of the flight.

Plan Ahead

Before leaving for your holiday, it is important that you plan ahead. If everything is booked in advance you are able to minimise any delays which occur due to being disorganised. These delays can cause your children to become bored or frustrated, which will ultimately see them acting out. With most airlines there is also an option to check in in advance before your flight, giving you the freedom to take your little ones for a spot of shopping in Duty-Free and perhaps even buy them a little gift to keep them entertained. Head to the airport early, check in your luggage as quickly as possible in order to avoid long waiting lines and to avoid dragging your suitcases with you the entire way, and spend some time building up the excitement for the kids.

Avoid Sugar

When flying, you should always try to avoid giving your child excess sugar. If your child consumes large amounts of sugar before boarding the flight, you run the risk of them having a large amount of energy that they cannot burn off during the flight. This can, therefore, lead your child to become restless and fidgety during the flight which could then cause annoyance to other passengers. Therefore all snacks and drinks should be as low in sugar as possible to avoid this problem – although you are going on holiday so a little treat now and then shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

With all of these top tips, you are now ready to fly with your children on your ideal summer holiday no matter the length of the flight without a care in the world! Safe travels!