6 Travel Hacks For Visiting Venice

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The city of Venice is amongst the most beautiful in the world. Its handful of ancient buildings and winding channels really are a sight to behold. There is so much to explore on this small island, so prepare yourself for this amazing city steeped in history! We are here to tell you the things that you should know before visiting this historic location to help you to experience it in all its glory. So get ready to pack your bags and grab your European Health Insurance Card because we’re heading into the heart of Venice!

  1. Hotels Near Water Taxi Stops

Travelling by water taxi is one of the main ways to navigate around this iconic city and its labyrinth of canals, and so staying near one of these taxi stops will really benefit you – especially when you have to haul your luggage to and from the hotel! There are a number of hotels that are in ideal locations to make your time in Venice simple and stress-free.  The hotel Palazzo Vitturi, in particular, is recommended to anyone looking to visit Venice for the first time as there is a selection of taxi stops that only require a leisurely stroll from your hotel.

  1. Visiting In The Off Season

To really experience the beauty that Venice holds it is beneficial to visit the city when tourists are not as popular. Not only does minimal tourism allow you to view the city when its quieter and experience it as if you were a local, but it will also help you save quite a bit of money.  The peak season for tourists in Venice is – of course – during the summer months, however, if you were to opt for the early winter months, you can still have an amazing experience – but you may need to bring a jacket!

  1. Choose Your Dining Locations Wisely

To ensure that you really are making the most out of your trip, you should ensure that you stay away from restaurants that are filled with tourists as these could be more expensive. Instead, why not opt for the opinions of the locals and gain recommendations from the hotel? Not only will this help you save money, but you never know, you may find a hidden gem in this amazing city!

  1. Patients Is Required

When visiting this beautiful city, the best way to go about your time there is to plan very little as you are more than likely going to experience delays for the main tourist attractions. Instead, why not opt for a stroll around the area? By doing so, you will experience everything there is to offer without swarms of people stepping on your toes. The winding roads that lead to dead ends amongst the labyrinth of multicoloured buildings can become difficult to navigate, but rest assured it will be a trip to remember.

  1. Wake Up Early

Waking up early in Venice comes with lots of benefits including that you get to witness the city without the bustling crowds – just you, the scenery and peace. The morning is also the perfect time if you are looking to get some magical photos of the city, as the difference between the morning and the afternoon will really make you appreciate waking up that little bit earlier! This is particularly true as you are more likely to find locals going about their everyday lives.

  1. Spend Time Away From Tourist Areas

The tourist destinations in Venice are a must see and are defiantly worth going to, however,  to get a proper feel for the city, you should wander off and get lost and see what you discover. If you see anywhere worth visiting, take a look while you can! It’s not worth saying ‘I’ll check that out later’ because it’s almost a guaranteed that it will become extremely busy as time goes on and you certainly won’t want to miss any opportunities on this trip!

Venice is such a beautiful place, and with numerous hidden gems across the city waiting to be explored, your time here will certainly be one to remember. Safe travels!