6 interesting facts about Malta

malta sea

Malta is not the most recognisable country in Europe, situated underneath Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean, some people are unware of what or where the country is. Malta is a little island which can be walked in 24 hours, give or take if taken the correct routes. It is very popular with holiday makers, yet for such a small country it has a lot to offer its visitors.

Before you take your travels across Europe, always ensure you plan and prepare meticulously for any trip, you never know what can happen when you’re away. Which is why you should always prepare for the worse and keep safety in mind and the best way to prepare is making sure you have a European health insurance card (EHIC) as this will cover you in respect of health emergencies and you can feel a lot less on edge if an accident should occur.  Now let’s see what this little island has to offer:

  Game of Thrones was filmed there

One of the most popular and watched television series was indeed filmed in several towns and cities across Malta. Much of season 6 was filmed there and if you’re after a GoT nostalgia, well you’re in luck because they even do tours. Some of the locations to be included are Valletta which was the setting for a number of the King’s landings scenes, Manikata was the village of Lhazareen, Gozo which is Malta’s only sister island and was used for Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding scene. So any GoT fan’s out there, this would be a well worth trip.

Mostly everyone speaks English

You won’t need to practise learning Maltese or download any translating apps because most of the natives on the island talk English. It’s officially Malta’s second language, thus taking away any language barrier you may face on other holiday destinations. Malta was part of the British Empire for around 160 years, which shaped the country and its inhabitants, most of whom now have a good grasp of the English language.

All-year holiday destination

Unlike most Mediterranean destinations, a holiday in Malta offers you a lot of possibilities even outside the high season which means it could prove to be a cheap holiday. Outdoor activities such as biking or hiking are largely popular during the rest of the year and many people go out and seek cultural and historical sites whilst enjoying the country’s mild winter weather.

Believe it or not, this little island has a vibrant nightlife

Malta actually offers a really good nightlife for you party goers. It has been so impressive that the country has attracted some of the biggest names in the international club scene, such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Carl Cox. In addition to this, Malta host’s a popular festival called Lost and Found that attracts a number of superstars and DJ’s.

The Blue Lagoon

This Lagoon will take your breath away; the water is crystal clear and is perfect for swimmers and snorkelers’. The lagoon is only a quick ferry journey away and will provide one of the most relaxing and beautiful days of your life.

Sunken WW2 ships along the coastline

For diving pros, there are a number of purposely sunk wrecks dating back a decade ago; you’ll also have the chance to discover several spooky historic shipwrecks and aircrafts at both recreational and technical depths.