5 ways to save for your next trip to Europe

money jar for travelling

There are few things that travel cannot fix, from improving your mental and physical wellbeing, to helping you feel relaxed and free of stress. Something that is much harder to address, however, is the mounting cost of travel in an unpredictable economy. If you are struggling to make ends meet, let alone be able to afford your much sought after holiday, then you have come to the right place. The following hints and tips are tailored to help anyone with a serious case of wanderlust be able to put some funds away for their next vacation.

  1. Sell, sell, sell

Perhaps the most obvious solution to help you have money for a holiday is by looking at things that you own and sell them- be that through eBay, garage sale or any other medium. This is a great way to not only declutter your home but also give your cash flow a necessary boost. This money you can put towards securing your travel documentation such as an EHIC card or travel insurance, for example.

  1. Set up money transfers

One of the most efficient ways to raise funds for a holiday is by setting up an automatic money transfer. This can be done easily with your bank online and will mean that you are guaranteed putting some money aside each month as you will not need to do so manually.

  1. Open up a dedicated account

Part of the saving process is being able to have one place that is dedicated to saving money for your holiday, which is why we recommend setting up one bank account solely for this purpose. This, alongside having automatic money transfers set up, could very quickly see you have the cash you need to jet off on holiday.

  1. Look at your needs vs. wants

Budgeting is key when you are looking to save money and this is where the issue of exploring your needs vs your wants comes in. While we all need the basics such as shelter and food, we certainly do not need but want things like new clothes each week and cigarettes. By practicing being more mindful of the things we spend our money on, you will soon see yourself slowly re-evaluating your priorities. This in turn will result in less money being spent on things we don’t need and more disposable income being available for holiday funding!

  1. Save your change

The oldest and most tried and tested method of saving money is through that of putting change into a money jar. While it may seem basic and a little silly, it can often surprise people just how much they end up saving over the course of months or a year through putting the odd pound coin into the container! Why not test out this method and see where you get with your saving a year on from now? You can even use your money jar to assemble all your unused currency to exchange at the end of any given period of time.