4 things you definitely don’t need to pack for your girls’ holiday

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We’re all guilty of it: overpacking our suitcases for our girls’ holiday with items we couldn’t do without at home, but that we simply don’t need once we’re there. So why spend more on the extra luggage space? Whether you’re going to party in Ibiza for a week or chill on a beautiful Greek beach over the weekend, here are a few things you definitely don’t need to pack for your girls’ holiday.

1. Valuable jewellery

You might be tempted to take your favourite jewellery away with you, but if it’s valuable to you in some way, it’s better to leave it behind than lose or break it. It doesn’t matter if your hotel has a safe, as it’s so easy to misplace the watch your mum gave you for your 21st, or the necklace your boyfriend bought for you, in an unfamiliar and busy environment. Save yourself some stress and just leave them at home.

2. Hairdryers

A cumbersome electrical item that takes up way too much suitcase space, a hairdryer is often redundant in hot countries. By the time you make it to the restaurant for dinner, chances are your hair will have dried anyway. However, don’t forget to pack your straighteners and curlers so you can style it just right for the night out!

3. High heels

Wearing heels on holiday becomes tiresome when your feet get hot and begin to hurt more than usual. Accessorise your holiday clothes with pretty flats, sandals and shoes instead; not only will they take the strain off your feet, they are much easier to pack.

4. Jeans

We always wonder whether we should pack the trusty pair of jeans we rely on so much at home, as we can’t imagine not using them at least once on our trip. Yet with the intense heat, there is no way you will have any urge to slip them on, so just opt for some denim shorts instead.

One thing everyone going on a girls’ holiday must pack is their EHIC, so don’t forget to apply for yours well in advance of travelling.

Photo: Cocktail by Johnnie Walker 91 licensed under Creative commons 2