3 of Europe’s best beaches


Spring is upon us and, as the weather starts to warm up, we are all dreaming of where our summer holiday could take us. If you haven’t booked anything yet, check out our guide to Europe’s best beaches. The only thing left to do is to buy a bikini, pack your passport and EHIC and hit the sands!

1. Anamur-Iskele, Turkey

If you just want to chill out and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer, then this is the beach for you. It isn’t a quiet spot but it also isn’t surrounded by high rise hotels or nightlife, so you’ll find the vibe is relaxed and laid back. Anamur-Iskele beach is a whopping 7.5 miles wide, so you have plenty of white sand to explore. It is also popular with the locals, meaning you’ll pay Turkish prices rather than falling prey to inflated tourists rates. If you fancy absorbing some history as well as rays of sunshine, there’s a medieval castle to take a look at.

2. Calanque d’en Vau, France

Nestled between two towering cliff sides, this short stretch of white sand is truly idyllic. The sea is the kind of mesmerising turquoise so bright, that you will think you’re daydreaming when you set eyes on it. The bright water is offset against the white sands and cliffs, and the result is truly spectacular. Only accessible by foot, you will feel part of something special when you lay your towel out to admire the Calanque d’en Vau beach.

3. Kampen, Germany

Germany might not spring to mind when you’re looking for your next beach holiday, but it’s time to shake up your thinking. Take a trip to the island of Sylt, which boasts 25 miles of incredible white sands. We love the resort of Kampen, which has its lighthouse and sandy beaches on the west coast and expansive tidal mudflats to the east. This village is also a great place explore music and literature, and has many famous, stylish night clubs on “Whisky Mile”. If you want to experience something different this summer, head to Kampen.

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Photo: Strand by picccus licensed under Creative commons 2