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How Travelling Can Help You Grow As A Person

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Travelling can be one of the most life-changing experiences in and seeing numerous different cultures and walks of life can really put things into perspective. Day to day complaints can be made to seem selfish and make you feel more gratitude towards such simple things, all as a result of your travels. The journey starts…

5 Reasons You Should Visit Malta This Year

crystal clear waters of blue lagoon in malta

Malta is an archipelago located south of Sicily in the central Mediterranean. Despite being a small, densely populated island, Malta has a huge number of talking points and as a country rich in history, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should visit Malta this year. From its impeccable views to swimming in…

A Day In The Life Of A Nomad

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To some, the life of a nomad can seem like a very lonely one. With a lack of attachment to any one location or a single place to call home, those that don’t understand the lifestyle may not truly understand that pull that some have to this unique way of life. However, for someone who…