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Visiting Berlin with children; things to do

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Berlin is a remarkable city, that has built up from a troubled past into a city of acceptance and art. Perhaps it has always been on your bucket list, but you aren’t sure whether the children will enjoy it? Don’t worry! The German capital offers up so much to do for all ages, and you…

3 reasons to visit Paris in 2018

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For many people, they do not need a set of reasons to visit Paris. This beautiful city draws visitors from all over the world, throughout the year and it’s not hard to understand why. The history, culture and sights are incredible to behold! Yet 2018 is set to be a fantastic year for Paris, so…

Europe city escapes for nature lovers

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It’s common to associate cities and nature as completely different entities. Yet Europe city life and the countryside often go hand in hand, for getaways that incorporate the best of both worlds. If you want to enjoy the bustle of the city, complemented by peaceful strolls and stunning views there are many places on offer…

Explore the everlasting beauty of Italy

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With its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, Italy has something for everyone. From romantic Venice to immortal Rome and the stunning cliffs of the Amalfi, the options are endless. Genoa Winner of the 2004 European City of Culture, this beautiful seaport town boasts magnificent Baroque palaces and church spires, all crowning this city…