Monthly Archives: November 2017

Family fun in Europe

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Family holidays are magnificent in every aspect. Not only are you able to spend quality time with those that you love the most, you also get to introduce your children to new experiences, cultures and sites. Europe offers an array of countries and cities that are perfect for people and families of all ages. Take…

Brussels on a budget

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Exploring Europe is an item on the bucket lists of many people, and it’s no wonder. With its ancient histories, stunning architectures and delicious cuisines, Europe is home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities. If you’re looking to explore Europe on a budget, then why not begin with Brussels? An often underrated city,…

A weekend in Innsbruck, Austria

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Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympic games in 1964 and 1976 and is therefore well known for its skiing. However, there is so much more to Innsbruck than just snowsports; it’s a wonderful winter luxury escape in its own right. This beautiful Austrian town offers stunning landscapes, great outdoor excursions, history, heritage and lots more. To…