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5 ways to save for your next trip to Europe

money jar for travelling

There are few things that travel cannot fix, from improving your mental and physical wellbeing, to helping you feel relaxed and free of stress. Something that is much harder to address, however, is the mounting cost of travel in an unpredictable economy. If you are struggling to make ends meet, let alone be able to…

Magical Mykonos

mykonos sunset

You may already have some idea about what to expect from a holiday to the beautiful island of Mykonos in Greece it being a popular travel destination among the rich and famous. Mykonos is among the most cosmopolitan islands in the Cyclades (also including the likes of Ios, Santorini, and Tinos etc.) and boasts everything…

10 Tantalising Facts About Tallinn

tallinn in the snow

When it comes to finding an exciting new travel destination, look no further than the fascinating capital city of Tallinn in Estonia. The small country of Estonia has kept itself off the radar when it comes to enticing Brits to go a little further out into Europe on their travel but we are hoping to…

5 Best Last Minute European Destinations

venice colourful houses

Planning a long-distance adventure holiday can take a great deal of time, savings and consideration which is ideal if you have a far flung destination you really want to travel to. However, sometimes there is nothing quite like whisking yourself away on a last minute excursion, which is why our close proximity to Europe is…

The Very Best Music Festivals In Europe

concert abroad

If you’re no longer impressed with Glastonbury, tired of Wireless or aren’t interested in the Isle of Wight then our guide to the very best music festivals in Europe is guaranteed to inspire you to consider taking your passion for music abroad this year. The 2017 European festival calendar is literally fit to bursting with…