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Madeira: A Guide To The Island

maderia spain

Madeira may be famous for its fine wines and for being the birthplace of world-class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo but it also has another super-power and that is its reputation for being a stunning holiday destination since the 1960’s. Although Madeira is considered to be part of Portugal and is a Portuguese island by ownership, it…

Beautiful Belgrade

serbian sunset

The buzzing metropolis city of Belgrade is quickly becoming one of the most up-and-coming travel destinations after having successfully risen out of the shadow of war. If you’re looking to get truly under the skin of this vibrant Balkan destination, you are guaranteed to be met with everything from great style, culture, cuisine and nightlife-…

Secret Small Towns Of Europe

lake bled misty

Travelling to Europe can be an eye opening experience and it’s fascinating to see what you can find on your very doorstep! Few of us take the time to appreciate the wonders that lie a short plane or train journey away and we hope to show you exactly what it is that makes Europe such…

Scariest places in Europe

ghosts creepy holidays

Paranormal activity has always poised curiosity in people, regardless if you believe in it or not, at one point in your life, you may have thought about or felt a presence of a supernatural entity. As humans, we tend to enjoy getting in our spooky spirit and attempt to frighten ourselves. It’s been scientifically proven…

St Martin-A Piece Of Europe In The Caribbean

st martin beach

There is no place in the world like St Martin (or St Maarten if you’re from the Dutch side of the island as opposed to the French). This fascinating little island is the smallest island to have ever been divided between two different nations. St Martin has been shared between the French and Dutch for…