Top 5 Must-See Sporting Events In Europe

Formula one car during mid season races


Sport is huge in almost every country that you visit and is a great way to bring nations together. Europe, in particular, boasts some of the best in terms of sporting competition that is sure to make you want to renew your EHIC card and hop on the next flight to a European destination! So, what are the top must-see sporting events in Europe? Let’s take a closer look, below.

  1. London Marathon – UK

One of the biggest events in the sporting calendar, every year the London marathon plays host to an abundance of runners who have all trained incredibly hard over the past year to be at the front of the thousands of runners.

This outstanding course is a true test of endurance as you run 26.2 miles around the infamous city streets in the hope of beating last years’ time. Whether you decide to tackle the course like a running pro or you choose to dress up and run the course as your favourite character or even just watch, there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy this sporting event.

What’s more, you can even support a charity as you fund raise in the run-up to the big race. This is a great opportunity to raise money for a charity that is close to your heart.

  1. Tour De France – France

The Tour de France is an amazing sporting event that takes place every year. Although this is often televised this is never the same as being there to see it all in person. With the amazing French countryside acting as the perfect backdrop for this sporting event, you can stop by and experience the atmosphere for yourself, who knows you may even end up on TV!

Consisting of 21 day-long stages that take 23 days to complete, these cyclists will endure 2,200 miles. Typically around 20 to 22 teams will take part, each with 8 riders, making this a real battle to the end.

  1. Monaco Grand Prix – Monaco

One of the many events at the very height of sporting excellence is the Monaco Grand Prix. With thousands attending this prestigious sporting event, this is the perfect location to wander down the pit lane if you are lucky enough to grab yourself some tickets and enjoy the warmth of the sun whilst brushing shoulders with some of the world’s most famous celebrities!

Watch this Formula One motor race in excitement as they compete around 78 laps of the Circuit de Monaco. Whether you decide to visit this one race or you decide to travel the world from race to race and experience the entire racing season, the choice is completely up to you. 

  1. Royal Ascot – UK

If you are a fan of horse racing, you will thoroughly enjoy Royal Ascot in June, and all the other race days that are available before and after at this world-famous racecourse.

This 5-day long festival is the pinnacle of horse racing and is a real favourite of the Royal family, who attend every day and arrive in style down the racecourse in beautiful carriages drawn by horses.

This exciting racing event is renowned in the equine world and those who enjoy a spot of gambling betting on horses. Find some of the best racehorses here, among trainers, jockeys and owners who are more than ready for the competition.

Take this gorgeous event as an opportunity to dress to impress in the latest elegant dresses or suits, as well as in the most eye-catching hats. With a number of enclosures to choose from, there will be tickets suitable to your account.


  1. 24 Hour Le Mans, France

 The oldest sports car race in the world, this race has been a popular event since 1923 and not only welcomes some of the very best racers out there annually, but it also plays host to a very large audience every single year.

The best of racing teams compete against one another in this prestigious automobile race. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on either a weekend hospitality package or a day ticket, this is the perfect experience for you and your family if you share a love for the sport.

As you can see, there are a number of sporting events that are well worth a visit if you are travelling around Europe this year. Buy your tickets fast though, because they will sell out quickly!