10 Tantalising Facts About Tallinn

tallinn in the snow

When it comes to finding an exciting new travel destination, look no further than the fascinating capital city of Tallinn in Estonia. The small country of Estonia has kept itself off the radar when it comes to enticing Brits to go a little further out into Europe on their travel but we are hoping to change this. Find out a little bit more about this picturesque part of the world with our handy 10 facts about Tallinn…

  1. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia in the North East part of Europe and is a part of the Baltic States. Estonia also borders Latvia and Russia, which adds to its fascinating background and vibe.
  2. While most city breaks to capitals are not typically associated with beaches or coastal life, this is not the case here in Tallinn! In the Pirita District you will find 2km of glorious sandy beaches which will make for a wonderful break once you have had your fill of traipsing around the city. The beautiful Baltic Sea views are also a fab bonus!
  3. Tallinn is similar to most European cities in the fact that it too has a signature drink called Vana Tallinn. This sweet and powerful liqueur packs a punch and was invented in the 1960’s. It’s can best be described as a sweet yet bitter concoction made up of natural ingredients that give off aromas of spices, toffee and citrus. Whether you drink it hot, cold, in a coffee/cocktail or neat, we highly recommend you do so!
  4. Tallinn has a beautiful medieval fortress dating back to the 14th century for visitors to explore. The fort is perfectly preserved and adds a certain charm to the city, just be sure to take your time when wandering around it as there are 1.9km of walkways and 20 observational towers to explore.
  5. If you are a sucker for beautiful views and heights then you need to know about the Teletorn TV tower! It is the largest building in whole of Estonia and stands at 314 metres, allowing you to take in panoramic views of Tallinn’s Old Town, the sea and even the coast of Finland on a particularly clear day!
  6. When you’re in need of a break be sure to check out Maiasmokk, the country’s oldest café, whose name translates literally into ‘Sweet Tooth’. The cakes and pastries served here are to die for and the interior has been reserved since being opened in 1864.
  7. No historic city guide would be complete without a taking the time to mention its Old Town, and Tallinn is no exception. This Old Town features beautifully preserved streets and narrow alleyways which makes it the perfect place to get lost in the best way.
  8. Shoppers and souvenir hunters will want to check out St Catherine’s passage where you will find a picturesque lane selling everything from glassware, jewellery and ceramics.
  9. Nature lovers will be thrilled to know that approximately 10% of Estonia is considered to be nature reserve and that 50% of its capital is in fact covered in Forest.
  10. Tallinn is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe and is the birthplace of Hotmail and Skype!

Travelling to Tallinn is easy and affordable with flights beginning from just £49! Be sure to also always carry your European Health Insurance Card when travelling throughout Europe as it could save you  from having to pay out vast amounts of money should you ever require medical treatment.