10 essentials for a holiday first aid kit


If you’re planning a holiday in Europe this summer, it’s a great idea to pack your own first aid kit with some basic essentials. That way, you’ll be equipped to deal with most minor situations wherever you are and without having to look for a local pharmacy. You can buy first aid kits off the shelf, but putting together your own is a better – and cheaper – way of ensuring you’ll have all you need.

1. Painkillers – always include a small bottle or packet of some basic painkillers such as paracetamol, for treating headaches and minor aches and pains.

2. Plasters – a multipack of plasters in various sizes will come in handy for covering any cuts and grazes and protecting you from getting an infection.

3. Antiseptic wipes – these are great for cleaning cuts or abrasions, or for sterilising your hands while out and about.

4. Tweezers – a pair of tweezers is exactly what you need for extracting a splinter, or removing grit from a wound.

5. Bandages and gauze pads – a small roll of bandage and a few gauze pads can be packed for treating more serious cuts, wounds, and other injuries.

6. Scissors – pack a small pair of scissors that can be used to trim down a gauze pad, to cut bandages to size, to snip hair from around a cut, and for countless other purposes.

7. Antiseptic creams – a small tube of antiseptic cream is another essential for helping to treat infection or preventing it from spreading further.

8. Anti-itch cream – anti-itch cream is ideal for helping to soothe and take the heat out of insect bites, and give some relief from a rash or itchy skin.

9. Diarrhoea relief – an upset tummy can be all too common when you’re on holiday so remember to pack some diarrhoea relief pills or capsules. In most cases, the symptoms will ease after a day or so.

10. European Health Insurance Card – it doesn’t to be packed away in the first aid kit, but a valid EHIC card is essential for travelling in Europe as it will entitle you to free (or reduced cost) state-provided medical care if you need it while in the EU. If you don’t have an EHIC yet, you can apply for yours here today.

Photo: First Aid Kit by dlg_images licensed under Creative commons 2